The Freedom to Change

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude”. -Viktor E. Frankl

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor E. Frankl

From the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.


You Have a Right to Be Heard

Whenever I hear this I think about my niece – still one the most intelligent and thoughtful teenagers I’ve ever met. Whenever I think about her… I think about the world she is going to inherit: will it be a world where she has a voice? Will she choose to speak? Will we choose to listen? This isn’t the world I’d wish for her. I’m nearly powerless to make this change: all I can do is listen and hope for change.

The Warmth of the World

It seems to me that hose who say the “world is a cold, heartless place” are often atheists or agnostics. They are the very people that who should know that the world is a rational place comprised only of atoms… and that atoms are neither “warm” nor “cold”… but rather the temperature of a place is controlled by action and measured by perception.

Political Commentary from a Lyft Driver

Chatting with my Lyft driver this morning. He was born in Brazil, grew up in Italy (married an Italian woman), moved to the US (Atlanta, Georgia) and recently moved to San Francisco. Speaks four languages, tells good jokes and seems to enjoy life a lot. He volunteered this about politics: “left wing, right wing, it doesn’t matter – a bird requires two wings to fly.”

Fearless Girl. Unmoved.

If Mr. Di Modica believes “Charging Bull” promotes “freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love” – he probably shouldn’t have created a bronze bull and installed the piece on Wall Street.

Otherwise – the message of persistence and strength in the face of adversity is far, far more important than the message of prosperity – and prosperity only for those with the wherewithal to place their money in markets.